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Task Pal is a schedule management application synced with Google Calendar that aims to help individuals with anxiety disorders cope with the stress of scheduling. When users want to input a task, they provide an estimated completion time and a due date, and Task Pal will schedule it automatically - taking into account the user's preferred work habits (saved in settings) - and will also split up long tasks into smaller segments where appropriate.

Task Pal also checks in with the user when a task nears completion; if the user indicates that they have not finished, Task Pal will reschedule it automatically.

To create Task Pal, I worked with a team of 5 to step through the entire iterative design process until we ultimately reached an end product that we were proud of. I was the product manager as well as the front-end designer (and I helped with some of the back-end as well). I chose the color scheme, designed the logo, and designed all iterations of the user interface while making sure everyone else was on-task. I also conducted a few of the user interviews and made all of the PowerPoints that are linked to below.